Drainage CCTV Surveys & Inspections

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Drain Clear are the drainage solution specialists with a reputation for fair prices and excellent standards of workmanship which are the envy of others.

    Thank you for doing an excellent job. We have used a few other companies in the past with mixed results. David and Robbie were waiting 10 minutes early which is a first; I am normally waiting for the contractors to turn up, which is most annoying!”

    “The lads carried out the survey in a most professional way using the I Touch reporting system. Please also thank Claire for taking the card payment especially as I gave her the wrong number by mistake at first.”
    Matt Lucas, City Property Services.


Drainage CCTV Surveys And Inspections

cctvAt Drain Clear, drainage CCTV surveys are a large part of our weekly work. It is the only way that our customers can find out the condition of their drainage systems!
What happens when you contact us:

  1. We agree a fixed price with you over the phone.
  2. We make a mutually convenient time to carry out your CCTV drain survey and take address details.
  3. When our engineer arrives at your property they will introduce themselves and with your permission take a look at your drainage system.
  4. After finding all the manholes on your property, our engineer will lift the covers to gain access.
  5. Our engineer will then assemble the CCTV monitor and push rod camera or crawler unit to commence the survey.
  6. The camera head is then slowly guided into the drain to start the survey. The camera has a bright light built onto it so that the engineer can get a near perfect image of your drainage system and store on his CCTV monitor.
  7. All the camera footage is recorded onto the monitor. and our engineer will complete the drain survey. He will then replace all manhole covers and leave site.
  8. It is then back to the office where the footage is reviewed and a detailed report written; describing the technician’s observations and any recommendations he may have. Any issues such as displaced joints/ cracks/ root intrusion etc will be highlighted and advice given to resolve this. The report will also include invert levels, pipe diameters and condition of the pipes along with a drawing to map the drainage network.

  9. The completed report is then emailed to you and a hard copy, along with a colour DVD of the survey, will be sent by post to the address of your choice.


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